Jiwon E&C has made and is keeping its commitment to sound environmental stewardship through our ongoing dedication to environmentally friendly management.

Jiwon Engineering and Construction is working hard to comply with ethical management principles in order to realize sustainable management.

Definition of Compliance

  1. The company must be aware of regulatory rules that must be complied
  2. Check regularly whether employees are in compliance with the rules
  3. Prevent cases of violation from happening
  4. Respond to all sorts of “legal risks” that may arise
  5. Compliance is defined as the process of policy making to do all of the above

* Legal Risks : Risks that may arise from the employees not complying with rules and regulations so that civilian, criminal, or administrative liability can occur or losses can be incurred due to void contracts.

Purpose of Compliance

In order to contribute to realizing sustainable management by improving transparency of corporate dealings and thereby helping the company’s sound development and gaining customer trust.