About Jiwon E& C

Jiwon E&C was started in May 2014 with an aim to provide the best services to our clients in the field of engineering and construction, such as, planning, designing, cost estimation/management and construction and housing development etc.  Jiwon E&C is The Best Construction Company Since its inception in 2014 Jiwon E&C is a leading engineering construction and sales company.

         Jiwon E&C (Engineering & Construction) has proven expertise for engineering, construction and sales for a year. We are committed to becoming the world’s No.1 contractor through the constant pursuit of growth, and through the quality of our leadership.

         Jiwon E&C (Engineering & Construction) gives its customers the best possible value, with the world’s most advanced technological expertise and experience in the areas of architecture, civil engineering, plant, housing development and sales. we are trying hard to sharpen our technological capabilities and diversify.